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게시판 리스트 페이지
No Report Title Researchers Year performed Summary
551 Exposure Assessment of Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust among Concrete Finishers in the Construction Industry Hyun-Hee Park 2016 372078_Construction industry_Park  Hyunhee.pdf
550 Statistical Analysis of Demestic Work Environment Monitoring Big Data Jae-Kil Jang 2016 372077_Big data_Jang Jaekil.pdf
549 The development of policy improvements on the safer asbestos abatement works to protect the related worker from asbestos exposure Yeong-Man Roh 2016 372076_Asbestos_Roh Yeongman.pdf
548 Th development of age-friendly occupational health and safety guidelines Yang-Ho Kim 2016 372075_Age friendly guidelines_Kim Yangho.pdf
547 A Study on the control policy of small-scale asbestos removal works Se-Wook Song 2015 372074_Small scale asbestos_Song Sewook.pdf
546 Study of standard ventilation in rubber manufacturing process Hyeon-cheol Ha 2015 372073_Rubber manufacturing_Ha hyeoncheol.pdf
545 A study for occupational exposure and OELs of radon Eun-Kyo Chung 2015 372072_Radon_Chung Eunkyo.pdf
544 Study on the policy improvement of industrial hygiene quality control programs Yong-Chul Shin 2015 372071_Quality control program_Shin yong chul.pdf
543 Collection Efficiency and Manikin-based Total Inward Leakage Study of Filtering Facepiece Respirator Challenged with Silver Nanoparticles Jong-Kyu Kim 2015 372070_Nanoparticles_Kim Jongkyu.pdf
542 Study on the management and policy of indoor air quality Gi-yeon Kim 2015 372069_Indoor_Kim Giyeon.pdf