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SH@W, International Journal on Occupational Safety and Health, Covered by SCIE 2019.08.12
Author : OSHRI 첨부파일The attached file(1)
□ SH@W (Safety and Health at Work), the only international journal on occupational safety and health in Korea published by the Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute (OSHRI) under the KOSHA, was jointly covered by the SCIE and SSCI.

ㅇ SH@W, the international journal created in 2010, comprehensively works on the studies of occupational safety and health throughout all fields of both scientific technology, such as engineering and medical science, and social science, including laws, psychology and economics.

- SH@W is now fully recognized of its excellent quality as it has been covered by both KoreaMed, the largest medical study database in Korea, and SCOPUS, the world’s largest journal index database.

- In December of 2016, SH@W was covered by the ESCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index), which selects prospective journals of which academic value is acknowledged from all new journals applying to be covered at the SCI level.

ㅇ Especially when considering that there are over 120 SCI-level journals in Korea (as of February, 2018), this recent event proves that the studies conducted by the KOSHA are at the world-class level. 

ㅇ All studies published in SH@W can be viewed and cited by everyone for free through official websites* of SH@W and OSHRI.
* (SH@W Journal) / (OSHRI)

□ Jae-cheol Ko, the Director General of OSHRI, said, “From the recent event, it has been proven once again that SH@W is undoubtedly a world-class journal.”

ㅇ “The OSHRI is determined to continue contributing to the prevention of occupational accidents through its practical studies on occupational safety and health,” Ko added.