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'SH@W', Health and Safety Academic Journal, Internationally Recognized 2017.03.02
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)

SH@W, an academic journal which OSHRI publishes listed in the academic thesis database -
Web of Science, recognized as an international academic journal

□『SH@W (Safety and Health at Work)』, an academic journal which the Occupational Safety and Health
Research Institutes of Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency publishes was listed on 20 December in ESCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index) of “Web of Science”-
the academic thesis database which Clarivate Analytic (ex-Thomson Reuters) operates.

  ? ESCI is one of indexes of “Web of Science’, and excellent academic journals which are candidates for major indexes (SCIE·SSCI·A&HCI) are listed in ESCI.
  ? SH@W was recognized as an international academic journal, a relatively short time period of only 5 months after KOSHA applied for the listing of SCIE (Science & Technology areas) on July.

 ▣ Indexes of “Web of science”
* SCIE (Science Citation Index Expanded): Listings of academic thesis and journal on science and technology
* SSCI (Social Science Citation Index): Listings of academic thesis and journal on social science
* A&HCI (Art & Humanities Citation Index): Listings of academic thesis and journal on arts and humanities

▣  ▣ ESCI(Emerging Sources Citation Index)
   * The index where candidates for major indexes―
academic journals which newly applied for major indexes and whose academic values are recognized―are listed

SH@W, the only international academic journal on health and safety areas launched in Korea in 2010,
covers researches related with the occupational safety and health on science & technology such as engineering,
medical science, etc. and social science such as laws, psychology, economics, etc.
  ? In addition, all researches in SH@W (open access) are available and citable for everyone for free.
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SH@W had been recognized as an international academic journal before being listed in ESCI (Web of science).
  ? In 2012, it was listed in KoreaMed ? the biggest academic database in Korea ?
     and PubMed Central ? the database which the National Library of Medicine operates,
     and in 2013 in SCOPUS ? the world biggest academic thesis index database.
□ Director General Kim Jang-Ho at OSHRI of KOSHA said, “SH@W can be searched and cited in Web of Science with being listed in ESCI,
   and so we expect the awareness of SH@W to be improved as an international academic journal.”
   And he added, “We will make a persistent effort so that our research results can be cited at home and abroad leading to prevent industrial accidents.”