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Director General

Accident Statistics Department
Safety & Health Policy Research Bureau
Research Strategy Deparment
Policy Research Department
Research Support Department
Occupational Safety Research Bureau
Occupational Health Research Bureau
Occupational Health Research Depatment
Epidemiologic Survey Deparment
Work Environment Research Bureau
Chemicals Research Bureau
Chemicals safety and Health Research Center
Chemical Information Research Department
Adminstrative Management Team
Health Hazard Research Department
Physical Hazard Research Department
Study Planning Department
Inhalation Toxicity Research Depatment
Pathology Department
Accident Statistics Department
  • Statistics analysis and data management service
  • Produce occupational accident and disease data and information according to the sizes, types and causes
  • Assist establishment of accident prevention strategy and evaluating safety program performance
Safety&Health Policy Research Bureau
  • Assist the government’s policy formulation and management by providing scientific evidence accident prevention
  • Suggest current and future research direction with proactive searching for issues on OSH
  • Monitor and analysis changes in society, economic structure and working environment
  • Provide publications about occupational safety and health issues in home and abroad to provide scholar- /policy-realted information
Occupational Safety Research Bureau
  • Conduct pragmatic research on the causes and countermeasure concerning occupational accidents, especially entanglement, getting stuck between the objects and slipping, falling, and electrical accidents, and provides technical support for an investigation into the causes of serious workplace accidents
  • Technical support to catastrophic accident investigation with accident scene-focused scientific simulation
  • Intensive research on fatal/stucking accidents at construction site
Occupational Health Research Bureau
  • Prevent conventional occupational diseases, new types of occupational diseases, and other work-related ailments
  • Run monitoring system for occupational diseases in addition to epidemiological survey into occupational diseases and quality control over special health examination agencies
  • Operate the Bioethics Council to advise on bioethical issues in the process of safety and health research
Work Environment Research Bureau
  • Works on the assessment and overhaul of the work environment to protect workers from physical, chemical, and biological hazards in the workplace
  • Undertakes quality control over work environment measurement organizations, asbestos investigation organizations and operates the work environment analysis laboratory
  • Establish, revise and manage International Organizations for Standardization(ISO) and Korean Standards(KS) in workplace air condition field
Chemicals Research Bureau
  • Evaluate chemical hazards and risks and manage chemical data(GHS and MSDS) for national management of chemicals
  • Perform toxicological research and operate the GLP(Good Laboratory Practice) toxicity testing organization to prevent health disorders caused by chemicals.
  • Build a research platform for the prevention of chemical accidents and run international accreditation body named the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(KOLAS)