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게시판 리스트 페이지
No Report Title Researchers Year performed Summary
481 A Basic research on female worker’s reproductive disorders in different occupational groups: systemic review and meta-analysis of epidemiologic studies Eun-A KIM 2014
480 Profound analysis of lead exposure status using data of special medical examination Sang-gil LEE 2014
479 Prediction of toxicity for chemical mixtures by QSAR (II) - focus on the chemical mixtures used in Rotogravure Printing Plants - Ki-woong KIM 2014
478 A study on preventing falls by tripping in platforms at construction sites Seong-choon Jeong 2014
477 A study on the criteria for appointment of safety and health managers in the construction industry Yong-kyu Park 2014
476 A study on Cause Analyses of Fatal injuries by the Mobile Cranes Woon-chul Shin 2014
475 A Study on the Improvement of Safety Standards for Horse Scaffolds used in the Construction Industry Jun-hyuk Kwon 2014
474 A Study on the Improvement for the Intrinsic Safety of Meat-Cutting Band Saws Hong-suk Rhee 2014
473 Development and validation of the slip resistance tester Seung-ju Choi 2014
472 Research on the Roadmap Building between IT and Safety Technology Sang-won Choi 2014