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게시판 상세페이지
The high-risk groups according to the trends and characteristics of fatal occupational injuries in Korean workers aged 50 and over 2019.08.13
Author : OSHRI
Kwan Hyung Yi

Safety and Health at Work
Volume 9, Issue 2, June 2018, Pages 184-191


Due to an increasing number of workers aged 50 years and above, the number of those employed is also on the rise, and those workers aged 50 and over has exceeded 50% of the total fatal occupational injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the selection and concentration by identifying the characteristics of high-risk groups necessary for an effective prevention against and reduction of fatal occupational injuries.

This study analyzed the characteristics of high-risk groups and the occupational injury fatality rate per 10,000 workers among the workers aged 50 and over through a multi-dimensional analysis by sex, employment status of workers, industry and occupation by targeting 4,079 persons who died in fatal occupational injuries from January 2007 to December 12.

The share of the workers aged 50 years and above is increasing every year in the total fatal occupational injuries occurrence, and the high-risk groups include 'male workers' by sex, ‘daily workers’ by worker’s status, ‘craft and related-trades workers’ by occupation, and ‘mining’ by industry.

The most frequent causal objects of fatal occupational injuries of the workers aged 50 years and above are found out to be ‘installment and dismantlement of temporary equipment and material on work platforms including scaffold’ in the construction industry and ‘mobile crane, conveyor belt and fork lifts’ in the manufacturing industry.