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A study on Smart Helmet to Efficiently Cope with the Operation and Safety of Workers in Industrial Settings 2019.08.14
Author : OSHRI
Junghwan Byeon, Mun-Seok Jang, Sang-Won Choi, Hyun Dong Yoo, and Eung-Hyuk Lee

International Journal of Control and Automation
Vol. 11, No. 3 (2018), pp.169-178


Among victims of occupational accidents in South Korea for the past seven recent years (2008-2014), victims of accidents in the construction industry accounted for 27.35% and deaths among them accounted for 43.75%, representing the largest proportion of victims. Deaths by crashing accounted for the largest proportion of deaths, and the most frequently injured part of the body was the head. This study proposed and developed a smart helmet, which is an industrial safety helmet with a detachable smart module that uses a variety of sensors to collect workers’ working status and, situations relating to safety for workers’ safety in industrial sites. The proposed safety helmet is entitled to protective gear safety certification in South Korea, and the replacement cycle for the safety helmet is approximately three months, while there is no expiration term for the wireless module within the helmet. The use of the proposed safety helmet would allow the injured to receive emergency aid within the golden time when an accident takes place. Moreover, the helmet minimizes the loss of life on a national level, the production costs and the production time with the helmet may be reduced within the conventional industrial settings, and the development of the helmet itself may contribute to the advancement of smart technology.

Keywords: Walking assist, Fall, Laser Range Finder, Stability