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Construction Industry Hazard Prevention Plan

A system to ensure the safety and health of workers

  • To secure the safety of construction work, the employer prepares a harm & risk prevention plan on its own and submits it to KOSHA, and KOSHA reviews the plan, and periodically checks whether the plan is implemented during construction to ensure the safety and health of workers.

Target Business Sites

  • Buildings or artificial structures with a height above 31 m, buildings with a total floor area of ​​30,000 m or more, or cultural and assembly facilities with a total floor area of ​​5,000 ㎡ or more (excluding exhibition halls, zoos and botanical gardens), sales facilities, transportation facilities (excluding high-speed railway stations and collection and delivery facilities), religious facilities, general hospitals among medical facilities, tourist lodging facilities among lodging facilities, construction, remodeling, or dismantling of underground shopping malls or refrigerated storage facilities (hereinafter referred to as "construction, etc.")
  • Facility and insulation work for freezing and refrigerating warehouse facilities with a total floor area of ​​5,000㎡ or more
  • Bridge construction with a maximum span length of 50m or more
  • Construction of tunnels, etc.
  • Construction of multi-purpose dams, power generation dams, water-only dams with a storage capacity of 20 million tons or more, and local waterworks-only dams
  • Excavation work with a depth of 10m or more

Submission deadline

  • After review by a person with certain qualifications, the business should submit it to KOSHA by one day before the start of construction (based on actual start)
  • Those who meet certain qualifications include as follows
  • Occupational safety instructor in the field of construction safety
  • Professional Construction Safety Engineer or Professional Civil/Building Engineer
  • Those who acquired Industrial Engineer Construction Safety or higher who has more than 7 years of construction safety-related working experience (5 years for engineer)