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e-SAMS for Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs)


  • Development of e-SAMS,* a digital resource for monitoring hazardous chemicals
  • Follow-up management
  • ※ e-SAMS (electronics-Smart All-time Monitoring Scheme): An intelligent, around-the-clock system for remote monitoring of hazardous chemicals
  • Follow-up management
  • Installation of the Hazard Analysis Lab


  • Development and pilot operation of e-SAMS
  • - Development: e-SAMS was developed for around-the-clock monitoring and support, with experts were consulted for feedback.
  • - Diffusion: A manual was created to provide a guide on the use of e-SAMS and contactless and intelligent work environment control, and businesses were informed accordingly.
  • - Pilot operation: e-SAMS was applied on site for a test run in order to identify issues.
  • ※ e-SAMS targets all SMEs hiring fewer than 300 workers, particularly electronics businesses handling materials, parts, and equipment.
  • ※ The remote sensors and platform of e-SAMS are used to monitor, from 10 locations, the state of four hazardous chemicals in SMEs.
  • Hazard Analysis Lab
  • - Preview: Administrative/licensing requirements, necessary works, and the availability of the necessary equipment were reviewed before the lab was designed.
  • - Design and contracting: The construction and acquisition of necessary facilities (localized ventilators, gas processors, etc.), testing equipment, and other such devices were contracted.
  • - Construction: The necessary facilities were built, and pipes and wires installed, in accordance with the lab design.
  • - Installation and test run: Equipment was installed in proper locations (connected to gas and ventilator pipes) and test runs were performed to determine the appropriateness of installation.