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Occupational Safety: An All-Out Commitment to Preventing Serious Accidents 2024.02.29
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)
Occupational Safety: An All-Out Commitment to Preventing Serious Accidents

MOEL and KOSHA concentrate resources on helping SMEs
prevent industrial accidents

The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL, Minister Lee Jung-sik) and the
Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA, President Ahn Jong-ju),
convened the Resolution Conference on Comprehensive Response to Prevent
Serious Accidents at SMEs at KOSHA’s Southern Seoul Area Office on February 19.

The gathering was prompted by the recent expansion of the Serious Accidents
Punishment Act to businesses with fewer than fifty employees, effective since
January 27 this year. The government’s increased focus on enhancing industrial
accident prevention capabilities among small and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) has increased recognition of the need for concerted efforts to yield results
in the second year of the Serious Accident Reduction Roadmap.

The event was attended by Minister Lee, President Ahn, and senior officials
and directors of regional offices from MOEL and KOSHA. This marked their
inaugural collaborative endeavor, serving as a pivotal platform for reaffirming their
dedication to concerted efforts to mitigate serious accidents amid challenging
circumstances and wholeheartedly advancing in practical safety management at
the ground level.

Minister Lee led the deliberations, reviewing the progress and future plans for the
Nationwide Survey on Occupational Safety and fostering discussions on effective
means of support moving forward.

During the conference, participants made a national commitment through the
Declaration of Support for SMEs’ Serious Accident Prevention. They pledged
to prioritize efforts in preventing serious accidents at SMEs, focusing on (1)
successfully completing the Nationwide Survey on Occupational Safety, (2)
establishing and implementing the self-regulated prevention program, and (3)
fostering a safety culture and safety awareness.

Minister Lee stressed: “The government’s immediate priority is to concentrate all
available resources and capabilities on reducing confusion at the sites of accidents
and easing the challenges encountered by SMEs.” He urged “swift responses
to businesses seeking support through the Nationwide Survey on Occupational
Safety” and highlighted the significance of “offering thorough guidance and
assistance to SMEs via the support centers of KOSHA’s 30 frontline agencies.”

In conclusion, the Minister appealed to everyone to “embrace the vital mission
and responsibility of safeguarding lives and ensuring safety, urging unwavering
commitment to ensuring the completion of the Nationwide Survey on Occupational
Safety and the attainment of tangible outcomes through bold innovation in
industrial accident prevention programs.”