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Prevent Cerebro-Cardiovascular Diseases with Comprehensive Health Checkup and Counseling Support! 2024.02.29
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)
Prevent Cerebro-Cardiovascular Diseases with Comprehensive Health Checkup and Counseling Support!

Security guards, taxi/bus drivers, delivery personnel, and others eligible for support in covering cerebro-cardiovascular disease screening costs

The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA, President Ahn Jong-ju)
will broaden the implementation of the Health Checkup Grants Program for Workers
at Elevated Risk for Cerebro-Cardiovascular Conditions, initiated since 2021 for the
prevention of such work-related illnesses. This expansion is set to begin on February 19.

The Health Checkup Grants Program entails specialized screenings conducted at 55
designated medical institutions, targeting cerebro-cardiovascular diseases that may not
be clearly detected through regular health checkups. In cases where health counseling
is deemed necessary, a significant portion of the incurred costs, including 80 percent of
the screening costs and all counseling fees, will be covered under this program.

This year, the program's reach is extending to cover 20,000 workers, up from 15,000. It's
designed to support not just night shift workers and the elderly, but also those working
long hours*. This expansion bolsters KOSHA’s assistance efforts for workers, particularly
those in specialized categories, who face a higher risk of cerebro-cardiovascular
* This refers to workers who are at risk of health hazards due to long working hours,
as stipulated under Article 54(4) (Specially Extended Working Hours) and Article 59
(Special Business Categories for Working Hours) of the Labor Standards Act.

Notably, the application process has been modified from a first-come, first-served basis
to quarterly public announcements. This change aims to prioritize support for individuals
who are at a higher risk of cerebro-cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, those identified
as high-risk groups for such diseases based on the results of comprehensive health
checkups will receive additional support for precise examinations and health counseling

Workers requiring urgent medical attention will receive immediate guidance to general
hospitals, while those who have completed comprehensive health checkups can
access structured health promotion programs, if needed, at 5 Workers’ Health Centers
nationwide and 40 branch offices.

Applications for assistance can be submitted via the KOSHA website (https://www.
kosha.or.kr) or mail (fax) starting from February 19. Employers, those provided with labor
of a person in a special type of employment, and individual workers are eligible to apply

KOSHA President Ahn Jong-ju stated: “By expanding comprehensive health checkup
support, we can detect high-risk workers early and contribute to the prevention of
cerebro-cardiovascular diseases. I will spare no effort in ensuring that all workers can
work in good health by providing ample attention and support.”