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General Contractors Increase Involvement in Enhancing Subcontractors' Workplace Safety and Health Programs! 2024.02.29
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)
General Contractors Increase Involvement in Enhancing Subcontractors' Workplace Safety and Health Programs!

Agreement Signed for Safety Companion Project Enhancing Safety and Health Collaboration between General Contractors and Subcontractors

The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA, President Ahn Jongju) and the Korea Foundation for Cooperation of Large & Small Business, Rural
Affairs (KOFCA, Secretary-General Kim Yeong-hwan) signed a memorandum
of understanding (MOU) to ensure smooth operations of the Safety Companion
Project (for safety and health collaboration between general contractors and
subcontractors). This ceremony was held at the KOFCA's conference room in
Jung-gu, Seoul on February 2, at 3 p.m.

The Safety Companion Project aims to support the improvement of hazardous
processes in small and medium-sized manufacturing plants to ensure
fundamental safety and alleviate the gap in safety and health management
standards between large and small companies, or between general contractors
and subcontractors, by providing partial financial support for the costs associated
with making hazardous processes safer. A budget of KRW 322 billion is allocated
for this project, targeting a total of 4,025 companies in 2024.

The project is twofold: First, it aims to close the safety and health gap between large
and small businesses, particularly in manufacturing. Second, it facilitates safety and
health collaboration between general contractors and subcontractors. For the former,
the project targets manufacturing businesses with fewer than fifty regular employees,
small businesses as defined by the Framework Act on Small and Medium Enterprises
(excluding in-house subcontractors), businesses engaged in essential manufacturing
processes, and the top six high-risk industries. The latter initiative, launched this year,
promotes a partnership between main contractors and the government to boost the
capabilities of subcontractors in preventing industrial accidents. This is achieved by
providing joint support for a portion of their investments in safety and health measures.

KOSHA and KOFCA have announced a collaborative initiative to improve hazardous
processes at various workplaces. Both organizations will pool their resources to
provide joint support for this endeavor. According to the terms of the Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU), the plan includes vigorous promotion and backing of
this project, offering consulting and other safety and health activity support to
participating businesses. Furthermore, the agreement describes preferential treatment
for participating general contractors during KOFCA’s corporate evaluation activities, in
line with their commitment to enhancing workplace safety and health standards.

KOSHA President Ahn Jong-ju stated: “I expect this agreement will serve as a
catalyst for general contractors to take a more engaged role in strengthening the
safety and health capabilities of subcontractors. KOSHA will continue to make
proactive efforts through the general contractor-subcontractor safety and health
collaboration remain committed to supporting subcontractors in need of safety
improvements through timely collaboration efforts.”