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Financial Grants for Installation of Ventilation System 2024.02.29
Author : KOSHA 첨부파일The attached file(1)
Financial Grants for Installation of Ventilation System

The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA, President Ahn Jongju) continues its support program for installing ventilation systems to protect
workers from acute poisoning caused by chemicals and other hazards.

Ventilation systems are often deemed expensive and not adequately supplied by
business owners. In response, KOSHA has allocated a budget of KRW 15.8 billion
this year to support workplaces with associated hazardous factors and risks. The
installation costs will be subsidized up to a maximum of KRW 50 million, depending
on the number of regular employees in the petitioning workplace, as outlined in
the table below.

Last year, a total of 595 businesses were helped to cover the installation costs
for local exhaust systems, supply/exhaust ventilation systems, and ventilation
systems for cooking facilities.

The supported items include local exhaust systems and supply/exhaust ventilation
systems for preventing acute poisoning in chemical handling facilities as well as
ventilation systems for cooking facilities.

Businesses seeking support for the installation costs of ventilation systems can
either visit or mail their applications to the nearest KOSHA offices by Friday,
February 23, 2024.

KOSHA President Ahn Jong-ju stated: “The installation of proper ventilation
systems is crucial in preventing chemical poisoning accidents. I hope that the
support program for installing these systems will play a significant role in creating
pleasant and healthy workplaces.”