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Tailored Safety Information for Door-to-Door Sales/ Maintenance Inspectors 2024.05.09
Author : KOSHA
The Smart Occupational Safety & Health Technology Institute of the Korea Occupational
Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) is applying its innovative Occupational Platform
Disaster Prevention System to provide door-to-door sales/maintenance inspectors
essential information for preventing industrial accidents.

This groundbreaking system serves as an information-sharing hub specifically designed
to address the unique occupational hazards faced by platform workers, expanding its
reach from delivery riders and parcel delivery workers to include door-to-door sales/
maintenance inspectors, a group previously underserved in terms of safety education
Door-to-door sales/maintenance inspectors encounter diverse risks during their mobile
inspections, yet the nature of their work poses challenges for receiving adequate safety
and health information.

In response, KOSHA has developed a proactive solution: before commencing work,
inspectors can activate their work app to automatically access brief (approx. 15 seconds)
safety education videos tailored to their current location, weather conditions, and the day
of the week. The system employs sophisticated algorithms to intelligently select videos
that address the most relevant safety and health measures, ensuring inspectors receive
pertinent guidance for their specific circumstances.

These educational videos are made available through an open-API (application programming interface), requiring prior integration of KOSHA’s system for access. To streamline accessibility, companies interested in utilizing this invaluable resource can easily obtain an authentication key through the Occupational Platform Disaster Prevention System website (http://service.kosha.or.kr) and seamlessly integrate it into their existing work apps at no cost.
* Open-API: An open-API is an application programming interface (API) that is publicly
available for software developers. KOSHA utilizes an open-API to disseminate
information, allowing anyone to access and utilize the content provided by KOSHA.

Furthermore, users can watch the system’s spot education video shortcut on their
smartphones, without the need for app modifications. By simply clicking on the link
corresponding to their current location, inspectors can instantly access spot education
videos tailored to their specific needs.

In a recent development, Coway Co., Ltd. has committed to providing safety information
through its work app starting from April 1, following collaborative consultations with KOSHA.

Kim Gyu-wan, Director of the Smart Occupational Safety & Health Technology Institute
of KOSHA said: “The Occupational Platform Disaster Prevention System delivers timely
and tailored information to service providers operating within industrial accident ‘blind
spots.’ Looking ahead, we aim to expand the scope of applicable job categories, ensuring
safety and health information remains easily accessible across diverse professions.”