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Fatalities from Falls, Entrapments, and Collision: Preventable with Robust On-site Safety Management! 2024.05.09
Author : KOSHA
Increased industrial and production activities is accompanied by a surge in occupational
fatalities, which are often linked to work at heights, entrapments during machinery
repairs, and collisions with operating equipment or trees. To address this, the Ministry of
Employment and Labor (MOEL, Minister Lee Jung-sik) and the Korea Occupational Safety
and Health Agency (KOSHA, President Ahn Jong-ju) are launching the 7th round of site
inspections on April 11, 2024. The focus will be on mitigating the three major types of
accidents: falls, entrapments, and collisions in high-risk workplaces across the nation,
including manufacturing and construction sectors. Their meticulous inspections aim
to address the eight key risk factors associated with these accidents, identified through
comprehensive risk assessments.
* Statistics reveal fatalities from falls (251), collisions (79), and entrapments (54)
accounting for a significant 62.4 percent of total occupational accident-related
deaths in 2023.

Efficient preventive measures involve installing protective devices and preventive
equipment on machinery and equipment vulnerable to falls, entrapments, and collisions.
In this regard, the government provides financial assistance to small and medium-sized
enterprises. Businesses applying for government support, such as the clean workplace
development support through the Occupational Safety Assessment program, can receive
up to 70 percent of funding for the installation of protective equipment and preventive
facilities, with a maximum limit of KRW 30 million. Notably this year, businesses are free
to select and apply for safety facilities and equipment, such as fall prevention systems and
collision prevention devices.

Furthermore, complementary initiatives, such as the Hazard Signboard Installation
Campaign, have been launched, aiming to reinforce safety practices. This campaign
includes directives such as ensuring the thorough use of personal protective equipment,
prohibiting the unauthorized removal of covers for openings, enforcing restrictions on
operating machinery during inspections, and prohibiting entry below suspended loads.
These safety messages are posted and displayed in hazardous areas to promote a culture
of safety and awareness among workers.

Ryu Kyung-hee, Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Office at the Ministry
of Employment and Labor, stressed, “Practical on-site measures in preventing serious
accidents are paramount. I urge collaborative efforts between employers and employees to
identify and manage risks associated with falls, entrapments, and collisions, emphasizing
the proactive implementation of practical safety measures.”
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