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Process Safety Management Program

Workplaces with hazardous equipment or facility (e.g. petrochemical plants) are vulnerable to large-scale industrial accidents. In accordance with Article 49-2 of the OSH Act, these workplaces are advised to write process safety report, which provides information about process safety data, risk assessment on the process, safe operation plan, emergency measures, and so on. KOSHA assesses process safety report of companies and makes sure that workplaces follow through their own plans
Document and on-site assessment procedure
(OSH Act Enforcement Regulation Article 130 Paragraphs 3-6)
Document and on-site assessment procedure
Document and on-site assessment procedure
When to submit process safety report
(OSH Act Enforcement Regulation Article 130, Paragraph 3)
  • Installation, relocation: 30 days prior to the construction
  • Alteration of key structural parts: 30 days prior to the construction
On-site assessment
(OSH Act Article 130, Paragraph 6)
  • New equipment: Conducted one-time each during the installation and test-run stages
  • Existing equipment: Within 6 months since the completion of document assessment
Alterations: Within 1 month since the completion of alterations
  • Announcing the result: On-site assessment is conducted within 1 month from the requested date. The result is notified to the employer within 15 days from the assessment date
  • Workplaces exempted from on-site assessment When a self-audit has been conducted by a chemical engineering professional who teaches the subject as a university professor, and the result has been submitted to KOSHA, the workplace is exempted from an on-site assessment
  • Exemption from safety inspection of specialized buildings Workplaces that submitted process safety report are exempted from "Safety inspection for fire prevention and fire protection facility of special building" conducted by Korean Fire Protection Association under Article 16 (safety inspection), paragraph 1, conditional clause of the "Act on the Indemnification for Fire-caused Loss and the Purchase of Insurance Policies."