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Review and Confirmation of Process Safety Report

We are preventing major occupational accidents in advance by obligating businesses that have hazardous and dangerous facilities with high potential of causing major occupational accidents such as petrochemical plant to prepare Process Safety Report which covers matters related with process safety data, process risk assessment, and the establishment of safe operation plan and emergency measures in accordance with Article 49.2 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and by reviewing and confirming the report to make sure the businesses implement the report.
The 7 businesses that are obligated to submit the report are
  • Crude oil refinement and processing business
  • Reprocessing of Fractionation in Petroleum Refinery
  • Reprocessing of Fractionation in Petroleum Refinery
  • Basic organic petrochemicals or synthetic resin and other plastic materials manufacturer
  • Nitrogenous, phosphatic, and potassic fertilizers manufacturer
  • Composite fertilizer manufacturer (excluding simple combination or mixture)
  • Agricultural chemicals manufacturer (concentrate)
  • Explosives and pyrotechnic product manufacturer
and businesses or facilities not included above, however, manufacture, handle, or store hazardous and dangerous substances in volumes greater than those specified in the regulation as well as all process facilities related with the operation of such facilities are also obligated to submit the report. (Annexed Table 10 related with Article 33.6 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act.)
Name of Hazardous and Dangerous Substance Regulated Quantity
Flammable Gas Manufacture, Handle:5,000 (Store: 200,000)
Flammable Liquid Manufacture, Handle:5,000 (Store: 200,000)
Methyliso-Cyanate Manufacture, Handle, Store:150
Phosgene Manufacture, Handle, Store:750
Acrylonitrile Manufacture, Handle, Store:20,000
Ammonia Manufacture, Handle, Store:200,000
Chlorine Manufacture, Handle, Store:20,000
Sulfur Dioxide Manufacture, Handle, Store:250,000
Sulfur Trioxide Manufacture, Handle, Store:75,000
Carbon Disulfide Manufacture, Handle, Store:5,000
Hydrogen Cyanide Manufacture, Handle, Store:1,000
Hydrogen Fluoride Manufacture, Handle, Store:1,000
Hydrogen Chloride Manufacture, Handle, Store:20,000
Hydrogen Sulfide Manufacture, Handle, Store:1,000
Ammonium Nitrate Manufacture, Handle, Store:500,000
Nitroglycerin Manufacture, Handle, Store:10,000
Trinitrotoluene Manufacture, Handle, Store:50,000
Hydrogen Manufacture, Handle, Store: 50,000
Ethylen Oxide Manufacture, Handle, Store:10,000
Phosphine Manufacture, Handle, Store:50
Silane Manufacture, Handle, Store:50