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Education & Training

  • KOSHA provides safety training programs by specific areas
    • We develop and provide training programs and materials for safety and health, which are customized to each workplace. These safety and health training programs are essential for creating a better working environment.
  • Customized safety and health training
    • KOSHA provides diverse training programs designed to satisfy the wide range of employers, supervisors, customers including managers, workers, teachers, students, and other related people. Each year about 50,000 people attend these programs. We develop and distribute many kinds of up-to-date materials about occupational accident prevention
  • Expert training programs by Occupational Safety Training Institute
    • The Occupational Safety Training Institute provides specialized training programs for managers and supervisors as well as distant training courses by mail and on the Internet.
  • Semi-expert training programs by Training and Information Center
    • The Training and Information Center was established in Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Gwangju, Daegu and Daejeon in January 2006. To offer more opportunities for training courses to regional enterprises, it operates semi-expert training programs in these regions.
  • Training courses by Regional Offices and Area Offices
    • Regional Offices and Area Offices develop and provide training programs customized to each region and enterprise and offer support for foreign workers in respective regions.
  • Materials for prevention of occupational accidents
    • KOSHA creates various publications on a regular basis including Monthly Safety and Health and a web magazine WISH. It also operates the Self-regulatory Safety System. Moreover, the agency develops and distributes diverse materials including videos, posters, slogans and pamphlets.