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Technical Support

  • KOSHA provides up-to-date technical support for better occupational safety and health.
    • We provide technical support to help workers protect themselves by making an inspection of hazardous machinery and equipment and eliminating hazards in their workplaces. Such technical support is the first step to protect workers' lives and health.
  • Support specialized technology for occupational accident prevention
    • With KOSHA's consistent development and support of accident prevention technology, the accident rate in Korea dropped under 1% in 1994 for the first time since statistics had been first released 31 years before. Many projects are being planned and developed to reduce the accident rate further. Those efforts and our know-how will allow us to better help workplaces prevent occupational accidents.
  • Safety & Health Check
    • Through professional diagnostic techniques, KOSHA presents safety measures against hazards at work and investigates corporate structures, processes, equipment and working environments.
  • KOSHA 18001 Certification
    • KOSHA 18001 Certification is to help employers and employees establish a safety and health management system for the construction and manufacturing industries. Workplaces are assessed and certified if the requirements are all met, and then follow-ups are carried out on a regular basis.
  • " S "Mark Safety Certification
    • " S "Mark Safety Certification is the system that assesses products' safety and reliability and manufacturers' quality control systems.
  • Performance Tests of Safety Devices and Personal Protective Equipment
    • Performance Tests of Safety Devices and Personal Protective Equipment is the system to test and certify 14 hazardous machinery protective devices and 11 personal protective equipment in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act.
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)
    • By providing technical support for process safety management, Process Safety Management System helps petroleum processing plants prevent industrial accidents, such as fire, explosion, and toxic release.
  • Support for self-regulation safety
    • KOSHA provides manufacturers with less than 300 employees with comprehensive support for safety management, such as specific technology, funds, training, and advice in accordance with risk assessment.
  • Inspection of dangerous or hazardous machinery, equipment and facilities
    • KOSHA removes hazards In advance, in workplace by inspecting dangerous machinery and equipment such as cranes, lifts, pressure vessels, presses, shearing machines, and rollers.
  • Technical support for workplaces where occupational illnesses may occur
    • KOSHA provides technical support for workplaces where care for chemical-induced diseases was requested.
  • Support for brain and cardiovascular disease prevention
    • KOSHA supports for prevention of work-related brain and cardiovascular diseases, offers related materials and information, and conducts medical check-ups and training courses.
  • Support for improvement of working environments and facilities
    • KOSHA helps workplaces reduce noise and dust. It provides enterprises with technical support for prevention of industrial accidents such as asphyxiation and oxygen deprivation.
  • Technical support for voluntary safety management program
    • KOSHA promotes construction sites to make safety enhancement efforts by providing technical support and training to businesses which made a voluntary request.
  • Examination of the "Harmfulness and Hazard Prevention Plan"
    • Before the construction, KOSHA examines the "Harmfulness and Hazard Prevention Plan" submitted by construction sites. It ensures the plans are implemented to put self-controlled accident prevention programs in place
  • Technical support for small construction sites
    • KOSHA provides safety-related technical support to small and medium-sized construction sites to raise workers' awareness about occupational safety