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Prevention of Pandemic Influenza

Guidance on preventing the spread of pandemic influenza at work
  • Workers with acute febrile respiratory illness should avoid going to work.
  • Wash hand frequently and avoid touching nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Nose and mouth should be covered with a tissue when sneezing, and hands should be thoroughly cleaned after disposing the tissue.
  • Keep frequently used appliances and equipment (work station, telephone, computer, etc) clean.
  • Try not to use other workers’ phones, desks, office appliances, etc.
  • Minimize group meetings by using e-mail, phones, etc. for work-related communication. If meetings are unavoidable, avoid close contact (within 1.8 meter) with others and ensure that the meeting room is prop erly ventilated.
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle such as good nutrition, exercising and no smoking.
  • When acute respiratory symptoms occur after overseas business trips, etc, workers should report their symptoms to quarantine stations or local clinics