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Provide Basic Safety Support for Accident Prevention

Propagate safety regulations by conducting basic safety inspections centering on risk factors involved with frequent accidents in service industries with less than 50 workers, increase accident prevention effect by providing safety and health related materials for each business category
Project Period
March ~ December, 2013
Project Scope
7 service industry categories, 250,000 businesses
※ 7 service industry categories
  • General Management of Building, Etc
  • Sanitation and Similar Services
  • Health and Social Welfare
  • Education Service
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade and Consumer Article Repair
  • Accommodation and Food Service
  • Business Service
Support Method
A group of 2 agents assigned to basic safety support project for the prevention of accident in the service industry makes a visit to the businesses
Details of Support
Provide safety and health training, propagate the cases of accidents, provide safety and health related materials, provide the chance to apply for clean work place.