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Provide Businesses Where Accident Occurred with Prompt Support

Prevent the recurrence of the same type of accidents through the analysis of the cause of accident occurred in the corresponding work place and the technical support immediately after the occurrence of accident.
Work places that had accidental accident in 2012 and the Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service approved the provision of medical care benefits to among businesses belonging to the category of 7 service businesses with less than 50 employees.
*However, excluding indirect accident (traffic accident, violence, accident during athletic meet, animal accident, falling into water/drowning) and serious accident or serious industrial accident (hereinafter, the same applies to 'accidental accident' in the same plan)
Details of Support
Analyze the cause for accident using Accident Cause Analysis Sheet (Service Industry)
Technical support for the owner's recurrence prevention measures for the accident subjected to investigation and for areas vulnerable to accident Critique-style safety and health training centering on the outcome of support