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Cooperative projects on safety and health

Provide support to private agencies’ projects related to occupational accident prevention
- Expand public awareness on safety; Develop agencies to be competent in their safety and health activities
Non-profit private organizations on safety and health
Employers and workers' groups
Cooperative bodies on safety and health
Broadcasting & news agencies
Local governments, concerned companies, etc
Background of the cooperative projects
Based on the “Three-year Plan to Develop Safety and Health”, the support toward non-profit private agencies and labor groups started in order to help them with accident prevention activities
  • Announcements through daily news, or website (KOSHA)
  • Submit project plan (organization ? KOSHA)
  • Review the plan / Select the organization to extend support and decide on the scale of support (KOSHA)
  • Sign an agreement with the selected organization
  • Provide financial support on quarterly basis (KOSHA organization)
  • Launch accident prevention activities (organization)
  • Analyze the progress and performance of the project (KOSHA)
Procedure of the cooperative project
  • Public announcement (daily news, website, etc.)
    • KOSHA (January ~ February)
      Make public announcement related to cooperative safety projects targeting private organizations
  • Submit project plan
    • Organization ? KOSHA
      (February ~ March)
  • Sign an agreement / Financial support is provided quarterly
    • March
      KOSHA » organization (every quarter)
  • Implement accident prevention activities
    • Organization
  • Implement accident prevention activities (organization)
    • In accordance with the project plan
  • Report the progress on the project and budget spending
    • Organization » KOSHA
      (In January the following year)
  • On - site inspection of the progress and budget spending by KOSHA
    • KOSHA » Organization (December)
  • Analyze the progress and performance of the project
    • KOSHA (December ~ January)