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Safety Check Day

The fourth day of each month is "Safety Check Day," commemorated with a ceremony. This monthly reminder helps to prevent accidents caused by hazards and risks at work and encourages the general public to do safety check in daily lives
As a country becomes more advanced, its social structure complicates and it transforms into a high-risk society with more likelihoods of catastrophic accidents. To enhance people’s safety awareness and make safety a habit, every individual ? not just the workers in industrial sites - should share the responsibility and value safety in their lives. With the increasing calls for campaigns to spread safety culture on a national level, the “Safety Check Day” was designated to encourage the participation of everyone in safety-related activities. Since then, the “Safety Check Day” is celebrated on the 4th of every month to identify hidden hazards in one’s surroundings and correct them in order to create a happier and safer society
※ Why on the 4th of every month?
In Korea, the number four is considered as unlucky. To break down the superstitious belief Koreans have toward the number and enlighten the public of the importance of safety, fourth of every month (or the next day when the date is a holiday or Sunday) is commemorated as “Safety Check Day.
Target :
Workplaces, employers, workers, government officials, and the general public
Work procedure
  • Preparation
    • Understand the origin of safety check day. Prepare the method, check - list and tools
  • Establish basic plans
    • Decide the date, venue, participant, check items and methods.
      Conduct training and promotion activities
  • Conduct safety check
    • Conduct safety check appropriate for the workpalce
  • Discuss the result
    • Understand the current situation and problems.
      Establish improvement measures
  • Follow - up measures
    • Implement improvement measures and share them with the wokers
  • Continue voluntary safety check
    • Continue to observe "Safety Check Day"
Legal basis
Framework Act on the Management of Disasters and Safety
Article 6 (Safety Check Day)
Under Presidential Decree, Safety Check Day or Disaster Prevention Day can be designated to hold related activities aimed at raising the public’s safety awareness
Enforcement Decree of the Framework Act on the Management of Disasters and Safety
Article 5 (Activities on Safety Check Day)

① Safety Check Day, in accordance with the Article 6 of the Framework Act on the Management of Disasters and safety, will be the fourth of every month. On that day, activities relating to safety, including inspection on high-risk facilities and enhancing safety awareness, etc. will take place

② Any other requirements necessary for the events of Safety Check Day and Disaster Prevention Day are to be decided by the Administrator of National Emergency Management Agency